What Michele Can’t Live Without

The Strategist has a feature I enjoy where they ask celebrities what they can't live without. Although I am not a celebrity, I do spend hours each week researching things to buy, and I do have some favorites that I feel very strongly about.

Coyuchi Solstice Collection

After working from home for a while, and admittedly not leaving the house much, I decided to clean out my closet and invest in some ultra comfortable clothes. I found Coyuchi on a sale, and I now own 2 pants, 2 shorts, 2 dresses, 2 shirts of this same fabric/line. It is so soft, so comfortable, organic and GOTs certified. I would buy more if only they would make new colors and styles. I bought all of it on sale, and it is hands down my most worn clothing.

Rad Runner Bike

I have the Rad Runner 2, and I love it so much. I cannot go back to regular bikes now. The throttle is great for taking off, and the bike is sturdy and reliable. Although Los Angeles is not considered very bike friendly, where we live is close to many great areas and connects to bike paths, including one going to the beach.

Instapot Air Fryer Attachment

After buying an Instapot and rarely using it, I was trying to buy a less toxic air fryer and discovered Instapot has an air fryer lid attachment that uses a stainless steel base and you can buy stainless steel baskets for it. It was sooo difficult to find any other air fryer that doesn't have non-stick. Now we use it all the time.


2 favorites here, the linen pants and linen sheets. I bought one of each, then another of each. I own many other things from Quince, but these are my 2 favorites.

Air Purifiers

I'm obsessed. We have one in each room, a combination of Coway Airmegas and Alen.

I spend way too much on filters each year (for them + my home filter + my shower purifier + my reverse osmosis system + my compost bucket.) Filter all the things.


We got my team custom 30oz rambler tumblers to celebrate deprecating some software, and I swear I drink way more water by using it. We made it a tradition and got a second one for the next software we deprecated. I could use a third, so waiting for my team to deprecate the next thing..

Material Knife

I didn't realize how life changing a good knife is until I bought this one.

Hibar Soothe shampoo bar

This is the only shampoo I've tried that manages to soothe my dry scalp. I am not a fan of the accompanying conditioner though. I was skeptical of bars, but it actually works pretty well and suds a lot.